Evangeline in Dry Dock

We had come back to Stainforth so that we could help Steve and Sue with Evangeline in dry dock. On the Monday morning they took Evangeline down to dry dock in Thorne, while we put Daybreak onto their mooring. We turned Daybreak round so that the lowered mast could overhang the bow of Vulcan. Mike, the owner of Vulcan, kindly allowed me to work off his foredeck torepair the wind vane before we raised the mast.

IMGP3543Later we went over to see how Steve was getting on pressure washing the hull of Evangeline and over the following week we worked with them to chip and scrape the hull. They had a survey, which identified some thin patches and so Steve organised a welder to put on a plate. We also fitted a new pin on the rudder, to replace their old one that was very worn and bent. Once all the preparation was completed it was time to start the painting.  Steve and I put three coats of bitumastic on the bottom, while Sally and Sue painted the sides with several coats of primer and antifoul on the waterline.

IMGP3556By the following Monday, we had completed all the painting  and the dock was re-filled. Then we took  Evangeline back to Stainforth, with Steve smiling at the smoothness of the tiller with his new rudder pin.



Once back at the mooring Steve and I  took Daybreak down to Thorne, where we took on some diesel before heading off to do some filming with the BBC. Sally had travelled back to Staines over the weekend to host a week long visit from our Dutch friend Jannigje and two of her children.




2 thoughts on “Evangeline in Dry Dock

  1. Hello. I came across your site while looking up Evangeline. My mother and partner Jenny & Barry Clayton purchased Evangeline as a working vessel from Victor Waddingtons Swinton around 1985 and converted it to live on. I’m not sure of dates but she was sold around 2010 when Barry died. If the new owners would like any information about Evangeline within that period please contact me.

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