Gravesend to Stangate Creek


We raised the anchor at 0630 and motored down river while I finished rigging out and  prepared to raise sail. It was a fantastic feeling when we hoisted the sail and were able to turn off the engine. We had a fair wind to complete the voyage down the Thames as far as the entrance to the Medway.




We lowered the sail and started the engine to navigate the comparatively narrow entrance to the Medway where there is still a considerable amount of commercial traffic. We motored a short distance up the Medway  before crossing the shipping channel to the entrance of Stangate Creek. In the creek we anchored  and met up with Tom and Monica who had cruised down to anchor there ahead of us. It was Tom’s birthday  so he and Monica came over to Daybreak for the cake that Sally had baked and presents. We all ate together that evening and reminisced about our wonderful day.


One thought on “Gravesend to Stangate Creek

  1. Daybreak still looks stunning Tony. Glad you had a great trip and got some sailing in. At the start of every season I used to look at Amy’s rigging and wonder where it had all come from, but more importantly where it all needed to go back to.

    Have a lovely time.

    Derek and Lisa

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