Staines to Cliveden

After a few days to re stock our stores, fill the water tanks and empty other tanks, we were ready to set off on the up river part of our summer cruise.  On Thursday morning we were joined by friend Val for the trip up as far as Windsor, where she would be close to the station to get the train back to Staines. We had a very pleasant cruise up through Runnymede, although the river was busy and we had to wait for most of the locks. This often used to be the case but in more recent years the river has seemed very quiet, even in the summer months.

Canoe at Boveney

After dropping Val off we continued through Windsor as far as Boveney lock, where we were picking up yet another canoe, and as it turned out a bicycle for James. It was great to meet up again with Phil, the lock keeper at Boveney and catch up with what he was up to. We loaded the canoe and the bicycle. This meant we now had 3 canoes on board, as Sally always likes to have ours with us on up river trips. The plan was to met up with all the family, together with friends Katherine and Misha, at Cliveden for my birthday weekend and that we would have canoes for everyone. James and Misha would then take their canoes back to Cheltenham.

We continued up to Cliveden Reach and although the islands were busy we managed to find a mooring, just upstream of where we really wanted to be. The following morning the boat moored in our favourite spot moved off, so while Sally stood by to repel any other boats, I reversed out and dropped back down to the new mooring.

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