Teddington to Staines

We sat out the stormy weather on the Saturday tied up at Teddington. We entertained John, Paul and relatives from Maxime to coffee and a tour of Daybreak. Steve took us out for a delicious dinner on the Saturday evening. P1010349 The next day we set off for a short cruise to Sunbury where we moored alongside Pamela and Edward’s houseboat for lunch. We had arranged for our neighbour Annabel to join us for the cruise back to Church Island. We had also arranged to collect a canoe that James and Kate were  buying. Pamela and Edward had been working hard on their garden, restoring the area where the houseboat had been built.


After a convivial lunch on Pamela and Edward’s newly constructed patio, we loaded the canoe on board and set of to complete the trip back to Staines. We had a lovely afternoon cruise and arrived back in the early evening. It did not take us long to get everything hooked up and then we were able to see how the garden had been doing in our absence. Apart from a few fallen branches from the winds the previous day, all seemed well.


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