Cliveden to Marlow

,P1010449.JPGHaving moored at the islands at Cliveden we were then joined by family and friends for my birthday weekend. This included making full use of the canoes that we had collected along the way. Our grand daughter enjoyed having her own paddle and very quickly picked up how to use it.


After a wonderful weekend and when friends, family and two canoes had been ferried back to the ‘mainland’, it was time to head off again. We cruised up through Cookham lock and onto the long Bourne End reach. Our next planned stop was Marlow, where we were going to pick up friends Ali and Mike who were to spend a few days cruising with us. When we arrived in Marlow there was no room on the town moorings, so we had to carry on up river until we found a place to stop. It was a long walk back to Marlow, so we launched the inflatable and used this to travel into town. We decided to raise the mast in order that I could raise the sail to do a proper stow and put the sail covers on.

While in Marlow,  Sally and Ali spotted a suitable space on the towP1010476n moorings and while they made sure no one else moored there, I brought Daybreak down. Having the mast up made it easier to fit into the tight space available.









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