Marlow to Henley


Whilst moored at Marlow we were able to get the mainsail raised to  ensure it was dry before we stowed it and put the sail covers on. We then lowered the mast ready for the next leg of our trip up river. We were able to leave one side of the well deck clear to accommodate the family and friends who were joining us for the trip up to Henley. We had glorious sunny weather for the trip.


At Medmenham we came across Evangeline, the keel that we had last seen on our trip up to Yorkshire in 2015. We had heard that she had been sold and had come down to the Thames. Whilst we were moored in Marlow, the uncle of Nick, the new owner, had seen us and suggested that we stop alongside to say hello.


We tied up alongside and introduced ourselves to Nick and his father and heard the story of the trip down from the Humber, which was very eventful from the sound of it. Having survived the voyage down the east coast and reached the upper Thames, they then had the misfortune to hit something that punched a hole in the bottom causing her to sink.  She was raised with the help of cranes and is now in the process of being refitted.

We then continued on to Henley where we found a mooring on the meadows some way out of the town. Most of our guests disembarked here to visit Henley before returning home.





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