Art Project

In 2020 we will be creating an artwork to be displayed as a ‘sail’ on Daybreak. The artwork will be made up of 100 individual paintings, related to the climate crisis.
It is particularly appropriate that Daybreak should provide the backdrop to this project. Daybreak is a keel, and as such can trace her lineage back at least 1,500 years. Her square sail on a single mast is the most ancient of rig and has been used since people first harnessed the wind to move vessels.

Daybreak was also the last vessel built in the U.K. to carry cargo under sail, and as such marked the end of an era dating back thousands of years and the start the relatively short period during which increasing consumption of fossil fuels has led to massive increases in the output of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, with the resulting dramatic changes to our climate.

More information and photos will be posted as the project develops.


17 thoughts on “Art Project

  1. Well done and bon voyage, we will look forward to the updates and adventures to come!

  2. Been looking at our diary and, when we see you next, can see if we can “fix” some dates to join you, please! xx Pamela and Edward

  3. Hi just wondering what route you will be taking on your voyage from Hull to Doncaster in September, would be absolutely amazing if you were to come via Thorne!

  4. And will you come ‘home’? Ever? Say hello to Grimbsy for me. A very special son was born there.

  5. Member of Excelsior and the Albion Trusts. Any idea of date and time when you will pass through Mutford Locks. Really looking forward to seeing you both at Cantley

  6. Hi looking forward to seeing you in Thorne, lots of people asking when it will be, imagine it will be around 20th september? Have look north and calendar been advised of your historical voyage? Kind regards, karen

  7. Dear Tony & Sally

    Thanks for allowing us to film on Daybreak last week. It was very kind of you. Here’s the two videos we shot. I had to get very close to the performer to not catch so much background noise from the pub, so there’s not as much boat as I would have liked.

    You made my visit to Hull rather special, and will look out for Daybreak if you do get to Leeds.

    Best Regards


  8. Hi guys, intrigued by your journey and would love to share/ publish dates you might be in/ around Thorne/ Stainforth/ Doncaster with Thorne Conservation Group and public at large. Let me know if that’s ok/ dates you’ll be in the area. Happy sailing!
    Debra Boucher

    • Hi Debra,
      dates are now on the voyage plan. We will be spending several days in Thorne and will be around to meet and talk to people during the weekend of 18th/19th of October. Look forward to meeting you if you are able to get down to see us. Not sure exactly where we will be moored, but hopefully the 60′ mast will help people to find us.

  9. Hi there, just wanted to say that my son and I saw you coming through the lock at Runnymede earlier today and it was such a pleasure! What a beautiful boat, and having now read about it, what a fascinating piece of history! Thanks! Naomi and Jesse March

  10. Hi, My name is Jay, I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you for a little while. Wasn’t sure how else to apart from via the comments on your blog. Me and my partner own Sloop Annie Barraclough ( ) . We are at the very start of restoring her. We have found your blog and the photos of what you have been doing with Daybreak really inspiring.

    Annie has been in my family for about 17 years as the family home, I have now taken her on and we are looking forward to starting her restoration (so any advice gratefully recieved!)

    It is really exciting to hear your plans for going over to the Netherlands, we are hoping to travel to Europe in Annie one day. I do not know if this is a possibility but I would love the opportunity to crew for you, if you are still looking for people. I haven’t really got any sailing experience other than Allan letting me sail Amy Howsen for a few hours but I have grown up on the UK rivers and canals since I was 10, I am now 29. I thought I would ask anyway! Either way, hope to meet you both one day and see your beautiful boat ‘in the flesh’.

    Many thanks

    Jay Conlon

    • Hi Jay, good to hear from you and about your sloop. You are very welcome to come and visit. We are doing work on Daybreak to get her ready for the trip, but it means we are around on our mooring in Staines most of the time. Give me a call next week and we can sort out a date. My number is 07598266812 and you can email me on We look forward to meeting you. Tony and Sally

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